I feel like I drove everywhere and back yesterday. I didn’t, really.

Just to Clinton, Mississippi and back in 10 hours.




(I took that last picture while our speedometer read “90 mph”, by the way. Because in the Delta that’s not reckless.


(credit for this picture goes to Mom, who risked life, limb and hairdo to get me some pictures of the MS river for my upcoming thesis work).

Why all this travel?

To pick up my grandmother for Thanksgiving celebration, of course! My mom got the idea on Sunday to have her mom here for one last visit before we move. The only hitch is that Mam-ma and Pappy don’t drive road trips anymore. So we said, “we’ll come get you!” Pappy had prior engagements and doesn’t ride as well as he once did so we got to visit with him over lunch and dessert yesterday and plan to take a host of pictures to make him feel a part once we return Mam-ma on Friday.

It was just very important to us to have her here a.) because she needs to meet her great-grandbaby! and b.) because her mark is everywhere in this house. Her prayers covered this family as we moved in and she is just as faithfully involved 21 years later.

Some of what is in the boxes of “scraps” are not memories made in this house, but brought to here. This includes the scrapbook Mam-ma put together for Mom in the 1960s.

Here is Mom’s 3rd Grade report card, signed by Mam-ma and her late husband, Binford Truett Nash.


The left page has Mom’s baby bracelet and the newspaper announcement of her birth. The right? That’s from when Mom took most of that box of laxatives when she was 4 ;)

But this is my favorite. Mom got bored in church one day and decided to write Mammaw a note. It is riveting.

“Please open it Mother.”


Little captain obvious felt the need to write “there is something in it.” on the envelope. I’ll give her points on the punctuation, though I maybe would’ve gone with an exclamation point to build suspense.


“This is you mother. You are very pretty.” Again, the fact that there is punctuation is a nice touch, but I’d have gone more exclamatory. Check the high heels :D


Here is a comparison photo for you to judge the accuracy yourself:


In fairness, she would’ve looked a little something more like this back in the day:


So now you know that my grandmother, Tommie Sue Everett Nash Dockery, has been beautiful always and is so everywhere in the memories of this home that it just makes sense for her to be here now.


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