Ingredients of a DS106 Thanksgiving Break

This is what my desktop looks like:

When the class began in August, I made a separate username on my computer for everything related to Digital Storytelling. Although a few other class assignments snuck in, the majority of the content that can be accessed from this specific login on my computer relates to my digital storytelling project. I decided to do this to stay organized and easily find information-notes from interviews, audio clips, pictures…

What I look forward to the most about Thanksgiving Break is bringing all of those elements together to present the story of the Swopes, take a look at the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, from the angle of how deployments impact a local family.

I’ve met with Andy several times this semester, and have around 20 pages of typed notes from our interviews, in addition to more than an hour of audio (I didn’t take notes on the audio except to mark down minutes and the topic of conversation at that point for easy reference later). I have a lot to work with, and that’s always a great feeling. I have different portions of the article written, which will probably be broken up and posted as sort of a series when I’m finished with the entire long piece. I’ve been writing the piece in different portions because Andy and I have met throughout the semester, as opposed to one session, and both new and repeated themes have come up during our chats. The next part of my writing process will be continuing to go through my notes, audio interviews and responses from Lt. Col. Swope (who is in the process of responding to my questions by e-mail) and making the article one coherent piece by arranging and rearranging information, quotes and anecdotes. For people who dislike writing, that probably sounds like a pain, but it’s exciting to me.

I’m also working on some audio slideshows…which I originally intended to blog about in this post, but am going to save that for another post later this evening/tomorrow. I’m using iMovie to create these, and I’ll go into my reasons for that soon! I just updated my computer with the new iLife software, so I’m pleasantly surprised to have a few more options with these than I originally thought I would.


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