Hockey’s New All Star Idea Kills It

While this doesn’t really have anything to do with my project or our class, I figured that I could at least make it relate to my project. Also, the NHL (and specifically Brendan Shanahan, a great former hockey player and NHL Vice-President who’s brainchild this is) totally TJ Lavin’d this thing, and it deserves to be talked about.

News recently came out that the NHL would be switching its All-Star game format. The new format  would switch if from an Eastern Conference vs. Western Conference matchup to a playground style two captains pick format. The All-stars playing would still be determined by fan votes, but the two players with the most votes would become captains and pick the teams.

This is probably one of the best ideas any sports league has had in the last decade. Nobody cares about All-Star games. The players don’t, the fans don’t, and the teams would rather not have their star players play a meaningless exhibition game where their star player could get hurt. This new format gives us an excuse to watch and, hopefully, fires up the players to play harder. I’m not a hockey fan by any stretch of the imagination. I enjoy watching hockey, I like the  Caps, I like certain players but I understand very little about the game itself. I also have too much respect for real hockey fans to call myself one. They’re hard to find outside of hockey games, but following hockey is like being part of a cult, and it’s a very exclusive group.

Anyways, back the the main point. I’m not a hockey fan, but I would totally watch Team Ovechkin vs. Team Crosby in the All-Star game, and I’ve never even seen an NHL All-Star Game. Wouldn’t this idea make Ovie and Crosby play harder? Wouldn’t Ovie try and prove he was better by taking it to Crosby in the All-Star Game? What if Ovechkin got the first pick and took Crosby’s right hand man Malkin? Would Crosby counter and make sure he picked Backstrom so Ovechkin didn’t have his center? What if the Sedin twins (for those of you who don’t know, they are identical twin brothers who haven’t ever played against each other and both play for the Canucks, and Henrik Sedin is the reigning NHL MVP) had to play against each other? And think of all the individual battles. What happens if hockey star A finds out he was picked lower than hockey star B? Does hockey star A try and one-up hockey star B throughout the game? I don’t know if this is a good idea from an NHL perspective, but I do know that I WILL be watching their All-Star Game this year, and I still won’t be watching anyone else’s.

To end a hockey blog post, there really is only one proper way to do it. Goalie Fights.



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