Lines, Lines, and Dare I Say More Lines

Let me start off my post by stating that in this post I will be including some images that aren’t mine; however some over them are mine and I will indicate which is the case.

Vertical Lines: This type of line is used to portray strength and growth. It emphasizes the height of whatever item you are taking a picture of. Usually you would hold your camera vertically in order to focus on the length of the item, however if the lines are particularly distinct you can hold it horizontal to make it seem as if the item is unable to be contained in the photo.

My Example:Endless Spanish

Horizontal Lines: Horizontal lines portray calm and stability, just think about what you think of a horizon, however along with calm and stability if there isn’t something to make the picture distinct or interesting it is to make the picture seem boring. You also don’t want the horizontal line to be smack dab in the middle of the picture because that can make the picture seem “off”

My Example:Keys

Diagonal Lines: Can often spice up a picture because they insinuate movement and action. Diagonal lines are best used to lead the onlooker’s eyes to main object in the picture. Studies have determined the most successful diagonal lines start in the bottom left hand corner to the upper right hand corner.


My Example: Purse

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This website is an amazing source when it comes to using a digital camera to create photography! I really suggest taking a look at this website because this is where I am getting a lot of information!


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