Nostalgia, is that you?

I was sitting in a coffee shop (cliche) with a friend talking about life, God and what we think about Mary Washington and our experiences there. That’s when my nostalgia kicked into overdrive. I felt a warm tingling sensation in my chest which I know wasn’t from the soy dark chocolate drink I just consumed (bad choice). All the memories of what I’ve done at UMW, what I’ve learned, how I’ve been stretched in my Christian faith surfaced in addition to a twinge of regret. What if I don’t take advantage of the college experience and graduate, never knowing what’s it’s like to attend the silly but fun events that people work so hard to create?

That said, I’m resolved to not let that happen. First, I want to clarify. I have not spent the past 3+ years holed up in my room imagining what college is like. I think I’ve done quite a lot. I’ve attended poetry readings, movies on the lawn, the infamous free stuff fair, retreats. I’ve been responsible for planning events and seeing them through like my sophomore year, I was in charge of coordinating the Hard Questions Panel, an outreach event for the BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministries). I’ve made so many friends whom I plan on having as bridesmaids in my wedding (whenever that happens). With these friends, I can be myself. I can talk about those hard questions that the speaker at the panel didn’t address.

I’ve done a lot of things but what do I have left to do here? Two things come to mind right now. First, I’m going to go see the Tennessee William’s production, Summer & Smoke, brought to us by the UMW theatre department.

Tennessee Williams weaves a sultry and sensuous tale of unrequited love, desperate passion, and insistent devotion at the turn of the 20th Century in this remarkable play by one of the most significant writers of the American theatre. After a lifetime of repressed desire, the lonely minister’s daughter, Alma Winemiller, begs for the attention of the dashing Dr. John Buchanan in a desperate attempt to garner his affection. As her tenacious yearning intensifies, Summer & Smoke erupts with life changing consequences that shatter the stifling tranquility of a sweltering Mississippi summer.

My friend Mairin is starring in it so I want to support her but I also want to take advantage of those $4 tickets. A few weeks ago, I went to NYC for Fall Break and the Broadway tickets cost considerably more than that. I saw the UMW production of Romeo and Juliet last semester and was thoroughly impressed. The man who played Romeo is starring in this film. It looks pretty fantastic, doesn’t it?

The other event that I definitely plan on making an appearance is the Mr. UMW competition. My friend Ryan is Mr. Jefferson and I will be supporting him. Also, from what I’ve heard, it’s fun and who can say no to fun?

For both these events, I will report how they feed (or not) my nostalgia. Oh UMW, I’m not finished with you yet.


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