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Digital Storytelling Project

I’ll begin blogging about this shortly. My first post related to my topic is a work in progress right now, and my main source and I are getting together on Friday, which I’m looking forward to. As I outlined in my proposal, I’ll blog about my writing process, the creation of a unique space for the story on a subdomain and eventually post feature/”slice of life” stories/other media.

Apropos Literary Journal

Apropos Literary Journal, run by a group of seniors in the Department of English, Linguistics and Communication, is accepting submissions through November 1. I blogged about our online literary journal before, and we’ve received some amazing submissions. Check us out and see if you’re interested in sharing your writings, photography, artwork, performance art and more…


I am exporting my online portfolio from UMW Blogs and importing it to a subdomain on Media Megan. I’m mentioning this because I’ll probably blog about this process in the future. I decided to create a space for it on Media Megan because while I love UMW Blogs, I feel like the natural “next step” for me now that I have my own domain is to begin picking and choosing the content I’ve created over the past four years on several different UMW Blogs and showcasing it in one place, my domain. This includes work from my classes and jobs related to my career goals.

I know I’ll link to my domain (likely just the portfolio subdomain) on my resume, and I think having a domain says a lot to employers—we’re developing a skill set in Digital Storytelling that many employers seek. As I search for a spring internship in the communications field, the majority of postings seek a candidate with web content management and blogging experience. UMWBlogs, Writing Through Media and Digital Storytelling have given me that knowledge, the confidence to create on the WordPress platform and the desire to continue learning more about creating a digital identity.

I have an acquaintance at a Virginia university-she’s in a communications program on a public relations track. Her portfolio is on a Wix site. I’ve never used Wix before, but its tagline is “Drag and Drop. No Programming. Search Engine Friendly.” Now, I turned to Google and you can purchase a Wix plan that lets you connect your Wix site to your domain. The person I know has not done this; she has a very basic site with a Wix URL.

Does her site look pretty? Yes! Does she know what cPanel is? No! WordPress? Nope! Plugins and Widgets? No again.

While I’m a little envious at the ease she seemed to create her portfolio with and it’s attractiveness, I know with time and the selection of WordPress themes it’s possible to have a site that is as eye-catching as her Wix creation, one that makes people want to stay and click around.

What’s more, I also know she might be hurting herself in the long-run by turning to Wix, while UMW students will benefit from their time exploring WordPress through UMW Blogs. She’s not learning much by throwing up a Wix site within an hour or two, while my successes and screw-ups on my WordPress blogs have taught me much about the platform. Just look at this list of companies and federal agencies that use WordPress. Odds are, for most of us, we’ll end up in a job where we’re presented with WordPress, and we’ll know how to use it and use it well because of our collegiate relationship with UMW Blogs, while our competition may end up regretting their reliance on Wix…


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