Masterpiece #1, “More Than My Fist Kiss”

More Than My First Kiss

For this remix, I started with the idea from combining two songs together. After searching YouTube for about an hour, I decided on the two pieces I wanted to join.  I took the beat from My First Kiss by 3OH!3 and Ke$ha, and then I used the lyrics from More than a Feeling by Boston to create a techno/upbeat remix of the old classic. Unfortunately I ran out of time to fine tune the song, maybe I will be able to do that on a late date, but here is my process of how I made my first remix:

I first downloaded Firefox’s Youtube Downloader that Dr. Groom pointed out to me after I posted my piece on  I highly recommend anyone who uses Firefox to download this if you plan on making your own remixes or mash-ups in the future, it’s an excellent tool to have. After I had downloaded the add-on to Firefox, I then downloaded the Instrumental Version of My First Kiss and the Vocal Track of More than a Feeling straight to my iTunes library.

From there, I first started my project with Garageband. For those of you (who I pity) that do not own a Mac or have no knowledge of “Garageband”, it is a simple audio creator and re-mixer that comes standard on all Macs. With this tool, I imported both tracks and began matching the vocals with the beat and started outlining what my final song would be like. After a few hours of work matching the two songs together, I played it. It sounded decent, but I ran into the problem that most people encounter when they attempt to do this kind of project: timing. The vocals didn’t match the beat, the pitches were off, the beat was too fast, I ran into every problem thinkable dealing with timing. Upon realizing this, I knew that the user-friendly and simple Garageband could not help me here, so I switched my project over to Audacity.

I separated each of the three tracks I created (The beat, the vocals, and the background vocals) into separate audio files and imported each into Audacity. The reason why I preformed this switch is because Audacity is able to do a lot more stuff with the audio than Garageband. From here I cut up the vocals even further than I did before, at some parts I had to slow down and speed up the time at which Brad Delp (lead singer of Boston) sang his awesome lyrics. Because I had changed the time on some of the audio, I also had to redo the pitches (since they changed with the increase/decrease in time) to match his original voice. The hardest part I encountered was matching the chorus of More than a Feeling (when he sings “Its more than a feeeeeeling!!!”) to the fast chorus beat of My First Kiss, which I tried many methods and was not very satisfied with any of them.

As I said before I didn’t have enough time to really fine tune the song but nonetheless this took me many hours to get down timing and pitch and just getting the whole thing together. I feel like I did well combining these two songs together, but maybe its just bias. So let me know what you guys think!


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