Don’t Try To Rip Me Off!

September 30, 2010. I went to Central Park with my friend Javier. I bought a game from Game Stop. I then went to Best Buy and saw the game about $20 cheaper at Best Buy. My friend then told me to return the game back to Game Stop. I did that. But when I left the store I counted the money that he refunded and found out he gave me $20 short. I went back to the store and told him that I he gave me twenty short. He looked at me and told me he could check the register and see if he has an extra twenty in the box. He counted and gave me a smug look, telling me that he counted the money right and I was just trying to rip him off. I got angry because he gave me a look that made me feel like he was branding me as a criminal or con-artist. I told him to count it again. This time after he counted he looked at his hands and promptly gave me a twenty without looking at me. He felt guilty and probably stupid for his previous remarks.


I don’t lie to people (who I don’t know)  / count the money you get because it can look suspicious if you leave the store and come back saying you don’t have all your money / Shop around first , trust me, because for electronics its totally worth it!


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