Audio Story


1. dum dum dummmmm.wav by wolfsinger

2. Footsteps by rutgermuller

3. Faint heartbeat by johnc

4. smothereddeath.mp3 by Christopher Vernet

5. Clock strikes 4 (Seikosha antique clock ticking and chiming_wav.wav) by gumbomedia

6. Sirens (police siren perpignan.wav) by thfc140491

7. Door Knock.wav by Geoffbarkman

8. fast_reath.ogg by smcameron

9. Loud heartbeat (heart beat after 20 min.mp3) by family1st

10. Shriek (ahhh.wav) by UncleSigmund

Poe‘s Tell Tale Heart was interpreted by Christopher Vernet, Gretchen Houser, and Lindsay Walker.


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