The Good ‘Ole Days

I confess– before class on Tuesday, I had no idea what the difference between the Web and the Net actually was. Matter of a fact, going back to my last post, you will see that I used them interchangeably.

That is going to be harder and harder to do as the days pass, apparently. And I will look back to my post on 9-7-10 (on my iPhone, of course), sip some lemonade (while driving my car, of course) and then probably tweet from my pocket (or possible directly from my mind?) about the good ‘ole days when the net didn’t cost me anything and the web was a promising frontier. When moguls weren’t “finding choke points” by which to get rich. I’ll reminisce about the days of the world-”wide-open”-web and bitterly discuss the world of capitalism with my grandchildren. I’ll look back to 9-9-10 as the day of warning– the day I learned the real difference between the web and the internet and finally knew why to foresee a time when more stuff would supposedly make life more convenient and come at a higher price to me, when I’m happy to sit in front of my computer screen and browse to my hearts desire.


Oh, there’s a but. I also actively participate in facilitating the future of an app-led existence. Before I knew I really wanted an iPhone, my family had a plan and baby, I had one. Which comes in handy for speedy texting and, yes, twittering, and navigating my directionally challenged self across the country from Arkansas. The internet is, in this sense, still integral to my daily existence. But so is, for that matter, the web.

And so, these are the good ‘ole days. When I could have both. Today is a day that I can take my big, bulky computer to class to take notes and facebook even as I show my “implicit acceptance of a nonweb standard” by using ever-more-convenient apps. (As an aside, we used a coin-flipping app in a class trivia game the other day instead of a real coin. I find this telling).

While this is coming at a price to my Dad, who chose to gift me with the latest and greatest in technology, I’m happy to have my cake and eat it too. But once I’m buying? Well, let’s just say I’ll miss the web.

Then again, I already miss the days when I wasn’t “locked in” to facebook simply to keep up with the times. I find it as stressful as Jim Groom describes it. So why am I still in? Because it wouldn’t be the “good ‘ole days” without it.

I’m sorry if this post is long and boring. I’m merely trying to soak up my time with the generative web while it will have me. Bigger and better is on its way, I guess. But I have to say, I’ll miss this.


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