Assignment #6: The Daily Shoot

Starting tomorrow (Friday, 9/17), and through next Friday (9/24), you will all be expected to follow the daily assignments on the Daily Shoot site. What this site does, on a daily basis, is provide you a frame for taking a pictures. Like, for example, the following:

Image of #ds302 2010/09/13 • #ds302 (115 photos)
Make a photograph of a path, sidewalk, trail, or road today and post it. Lead our eye through the scene.

based on this prompt, you are to take a picture and then upload it to your Flickr account. Also, you will need to tweet the image you once it is up on flickr with the proper hashtag (i.e., #ds305 or #ds306). And, finally, you will need to post each of your daily shoot images to your blog and tag them dailyshoot1, dailyshoot2, etc. according to the day you take it, the first image you take being dailyshoot1, the second being dailyshoot2, etc.).

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