The Web is shrinking and the Internet is growing?

I feel that saying the web is dead is a bit dramatic. Sure people are getting and using tons of apps on there phones, ipads, and whatever else but here I am sitting at a PC and blogging. And so are all of my classmates. The use of the Web is steadily decreasing but I think it will be many years until it is “dead”.
It’s also true that companies are doing all they can to help kill it. There are only a select number of phones you can but now-a-days that don’t require a data plan requiring you to pay monthly for the internet. I chose not to have the internet on my phone because I feel like it is completely unnecessary when you almost always have access to a computer. And yes Americans especially are notorious for being lazy and taking the easy way out, which is what this article attributes a lot of the dying Web to. You can think of it as laziness, but another way to think of it would be efficient. Having the internet at your fingertips at all times probably saves a lot of time, with such applications as mapquest, google and email. Even with all of the options applications offer, who wants to read everything off of a tiny screen all the time? I don’t. I realize that is not a point of concern for most people but that’s a big negative for me.
Anyways, I do not think the Web is dead is by any means I simply think it is shrinking a little while the internet is growing in its place.


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