One of the first things I thought of when I read “If we’re moving away from the open Web, it’s at least in part because of the rising dominance of businesspeople more inclined to think in the all-or-nothing terms of traditional media than in the come-one-come-all collectivist utopianism of the Web.” in today’s assignment The Web is Dead the first thing that I thought of was the television show The Office. Originally I was looking for clips from Season 4 of The Office when they were launching their website “Dunder Mifflin Infinity”. Actually I believe that the first site had a bunch of issues so they were launching the 2.0 version, which included a social network feature. The specific clip that I was looking for had one of the characters asking why a paper company needed a website let alone one that had a social network feature. But alas. I could not find that clip on youtube. However. I did find this one, which is pretty awesome as well.

I thought this was hysterical. Also. I apologize for the spanish subtitles. It was the only clip I could find that had Kelly talking in the beginning about skyping and tweeting and video chatting and all those other apps that play right into this idea of the dying web that we read about for today. Then there’s ‘Woof’ which is also a wonderful commentary on the way we view the purpose of these apps.  One app that could reach you on your cell, landline, fax, and multiple ways on your computer is a great example of  how we are moving away from the open web. Especially when you have to pay $12.99/month for that app as part of the “dog package”.


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