Assignment #4 The Web is Dead. Long Live the Internet

After reading Chris Anderson and Michael Wolff”s article entitled “The Web is dead. Long live the Internet” on I really started to think about the truth to the “Blame Us” side of the discussion. As the number one consumers of the Internet and web we are to blame for the slow disappearance of the web. I too just recently learned that there is a big difference between the web and the Internet and I must admit that I, as most of us, have been neglecting the usefulness of the web for the convenience of the Internet. If you honestly take the time to think about it how often do you use an app for something that could be accessed from the web in full length with a little work. I feel in order to keep the web from becoming another commodity.

This particular statement jumped out at me while I was reading…”Sure, we’ll always have Web pages. We still have postcards and telegrams, don’t we? But the center of interactive media — increasingly, the center of gravity of all media — is moving to a post-HTML environment.” There is a lot of truth in this one simple statement and we will be to blame when the web fades into the background of our daily fast-paced lives. I feel that it is our responsiblity to keep the web in circulation so it won’t just fade away.

You can find the article ” The Web is dead. Long live the Internet” here. These are just my thoughts on the issue but I would love to hear what you think on the matter.


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