Assignment #4

I thought this article was really interesting. I never quite thought about how the things that I use online are actually applications, and not the web. I’ve been using facebook and skype for years thinking that I was using the internet- therefore I was on the web. But I guess this isn’t the case.

In class we had talked about the differences between the web and the internet, and to some extent I’m still confused about it. I looked up what “world wide web” meant on the internet and laughed to see “not to be confused with the internet” in the description. I think after reading the article I hope that I have a better understanding of the differences between the web and the internet, but I shouldn’t get my hopes up :P

I found it interesting that the article starts with who to point our fingers at for relying less on the web. Does it really matter all that much who’s “fault” it is? I put “fault” in quotations because I don’t believe that there is anyone to blame, because can’t readily see what’s wrong with it. I do believe that we rely more on the internet than the web, but I don’t think we should start blaming industries (monopolies) for what’s happening. I feel like this relates to the Environmental Movement in that we blame corporations for expanding and using up resources, but in the end it’s the consumers (we, as internet users) that play just as big of a factor in this system.


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