Assignment #1

Well, a little late I admit but I finally have everything working! So now is the time to actually put my blog to use!

To get the¬†Reflection¬†part over with I have to admit that watching Gardner Campbell’s presentation was really interesting. Not only did I learn more about where this class is going, the article/presentation got me thinking about where the internet is headed. It has most definitely changed from the days where we contacted each other through email or AIM. Now that a variety of social networks have come up our social life has become intimately connected with the internet. So it makes sense that school should also follow that path.

The thing that Gardner discusses in both his article and presentation is the idea of giving us room to create our own personal space, to create our own work and be able to access it later. Most papers that we write are thrown away or stuffed in a closet somewhere, never to be looked at until you decide to do some spring cleaning. (Not that I would ever stuff my old papers in a closet!) I really like the idea of creating your own space to publish your work, and believe me as soon as I am done writing this post there will be some major revamping of this blog layout. I will create my own “locker room” space.

Granted not everything I write will be Nobel Prize worthy, though this post will be a major contender :D , but at least I can call it my own work. Because of that I will have a certain amount of pride attached to it.

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