Gardner Campbell’s “A Personal Cyber Infrastructure”

The ideas Gardner Campbell presents in his essay and presentation were very interesting topics I have never really thought about before.  We brought up a lot of good points in class, such as students being able to produce info and data, rather than just receiving it from teachers. I really like this point because it allows the classroom to be more interactive rather than a normal lecture with students copying notes from a powerpoint. Along with this point, we discussed how people put their information out in the world willingly, yet are paranoid about “Big Brother” and surveillance.  I just thought this was a really interesting thought to discuss. Another point Campbell makes in his essay is that the personal cyber infrastructure allows students to get connected and interact with other students. I consider this important to the classroom because it allows students to open up to others and express their opinion outside of the actual classroom. Overall, I believe Gardner Campbell’s essay and presentation explains very thoroughly and thoughtfully on why this personal cyber infrastructure is the best way to conduct a class and how it is going to change the way we work forever.


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