Assignment #2: Domain and Webhosting

Purchasing your Webserver and Domain

Important: Please, please, please pay attention to your usernames and passwords for both your webhost and domain registry. They will likely be different, and it is your responsibility to understand they are distinct, and need to be available to you throughout the semester.

Domains: Purchase your own domain name at (or some other domain registry service, here’s a list of all accredited domain registrars). Keep in mind that when you get a domain the information you sign-up with (Name, Address, Phone, etc.) could become publicly discoverable. if this is of concern, be sure to purchase the private registration option for an extra $9.99 to protect your information.

Webhost: You can purchase your webhosting account from a variety of hosts online. Anyone from Bluehost to Host Gator to DreamHost, to name a few big ones. But, each of those hosts have you pay upfront for an entire year even if you only want it for the four months of this class. If that is the case, I recommend using Cast Iron Coding (CIC). If you go that route you can sign-up for CIC here. Even though Cast Iron Coding sells domains, I would ask you to use a different provider, so you can see how DNS and domain pointing works. Also, be sure you enter your domain and choose the self-management option when registering at CIC (see image below).

Setting up your Webserver and Domain

Pointing the domain to webhost: I have created a tutorial for pointing your domain to your web hosting space here. Please do this as soon as possible because it could take up to 24-48 hours for the domain to propagate on your web host. Also, note that if you are using a different webhost than Cast Iron Coding, your nameservers will be different.

Creating your blog: I have also created a tutorial for installing a blog on your web hosting account here.

Finally, email me or tweet me——or bring your questions to class on Tuesday. And if you have your blog up and running be sure to post your first blog assignment which is a reflection on Assignment #1: the Gardner Campbell reading/presentation.

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