Take on Wikipedia

I was trying to think of ways that I could actually enhance my digital project a bit more, I was getting no where fast and began to do more research for the next post. Well I somehow ended up on Wikipedia (not that it is difficult) and was looking for a section on Mob Films, and I found it. Here it is. It is quite unimpressive, no? This then got me thinking, what if I edit this section of wiki? Obviously the things that I am researching are about Mob Films so it would be (relatively) easy to update it. Information wise.

As for actually updating a wiki page, I have never done it! Most likely I am going to get my boyfriend to help me because he created this page for the FFXI game. So technical stuff I am not to worried about. What I want to know more is what you guys would think to be good to include in the page? Any historical information you want to see, also what the layout should be. I was thinking about separating it into 1930′s, 1970′s (the next peak of the Mob Film), and Present day. Any suggestions? I am really excited about this by the way!!!! :D


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