Tropfest is the world’s largest short films festival with two locations in New York and Australia. It is open to anyone who is interested in telling a story. 2011 is the first year in which any of Australia’s finalist from outside of Australia will be flown for the film festival. This means if you’re interested in moving-making…you could have a free flight to Australia to view your film at the festival (with the understanding that you have to be awesome enough to make the finalists :D ). For more information click and enjoy! I’ve added several videos for you to explore from Tropfest 2010. Some are finalists, while others are just random ones that came up in my search that I found interesting.


I added this film because I thought it related to a post by one of my classmates. It was kind of funny and ironic with it’s ending…rather morbid. However, if you look furthur at the end it demonstrates that smoking is a vicious cycle. Not my favorite film, but it relates with a lot of the adds that we have on television today.

Very confused. Crying? More Crying? Why? Because it’s so early? I would cry getting up that early I suppose? Focused. Professional voice. More crying?

Yeah that pretty much explains this video. I have no idea what the purpose is or the meaning behind it. If you have any ideas…please comment!

What I loved about this video was its simplicity. It was unique and definitely took creativity not only through the movie making, but the scenery as well. It’s intriguing to me because there are no actual characters and it’s still a pretty cool film. A bit long though.

Haha. You know what they say about karma. I don’t actually believe this is how God works…not in the least, but it was kind of funny. The Phi Beta Kappa scholar who spoke last week noted how the more receptive and responsive humans are to getting back at someone who has wronged you. This film portrays his argument perfectly.

This film was…well weird and somewhat hard to understand the speaker. I did get the point of the film and it was similar to a fairytale in an odd manner. Overall though I really liked the narrorator and how the story ended…who doesn’t like a happy ending?

My ALL time FAVORITE!! I loved how this film was limited in the lines used, but told the story perfectly. Such a cute storyline and I’m not at all a feminist, but I like the “just because I’m a girl, doesn’t mean I can’t do what you can” ending. And she gets her way :)


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